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Jesus Centered Leadership

President Dwight D. Eisenhower once stated: "The problems of the world are so great that they won't be solved unless the leaders get together and pray." It is with this in mind that we are calling everyone to join with other leaders around the state of Washington to come together under the leadership example of Jesus, to pray for our state.

No person in history has impacted all of mankind more than Jesus of Nazareth, and he began changing the world with just a few ordinary people. Imagine a state run by business, political, and community leaders who strive to serve one another and to become better leaders with this example. There are many gatherings that you are welcome to join in throughout the year.


2011 Governor's Prayer Breakfast

This year's prayer breakfast will be held on Friday, March 4th at the Red Lion Hotel in Olympia, WA.  For 70 years, State legislative leaders have hosted this breakfast in the state capitol. It has become a rich time to join together with leaders in the political arena to pray and to learn together about the power of love and faith in our culture. For the past three years, the 3 day Student Leadership Forum has been held in conjunction with the Governor's Prayer Breakfast allowing young leaders to connect with current leaders centered in Jesus.

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Developing Generational Student Leaders.  For details, please check our new Washington Student Leadership website - washingtonstudentleadership.com.

Registration is now available for the Washington Student Leadership Forum scheduled for March 4-5 at the Red Lion in Olympia.  Visit our new WSL website to sign-up - ; washingtonstudentleadership.com.




2010 Washington Weekend

The 2010 Washington Weekend was held Friday, October 29th through Sunday the 31st in Leavenworth, Washington at The Enzian Inn. W. Paul Young, bestselling author of The Shack was our guest speaker. Men and women from across the state and the Northwest gathered with college students, elected officials, and business leaders.


Washington & Jackson, MS
In 2006, local leaders started dreaming of expanding opportunities for students to make an impact by being engaged and involved in national or global service. In 2007 a group of business leaders from Seattle travelled to visit with Dr. John Perkins. During this trip, these friends began to dream of a bridge being built from Washington State to the Jackson Leadership House located near the Spencer Perkins Center for Reconciliation & Community Development, off the Jackson State University Campus. This link provides a platform to equip future WSL students with a Kingdom centered worldview, inspiring them to impact our state, nation, and the world. In 2008 our first WSL team leader was sent to Jackson. To support this ongoing work, please check The 100% Verified Jaggad Discount Code 2021.


2010 Student Leaders @ Malibu.


Washington & Zambia

In 2007, local leaders started dreaming of expanding opportunities for students to make an impact by being engaged and involved in national or global service. Later that year an advance team of business and WSL students were invited to visit several countries in Africa. Out of this trip, a relationship was fostered with a number of leaders from the Republic of Zambia. Washington State contingent to the 56th National Prayer Breakfast helped to strengthen this global friendship. In 2008 the first Zambia team was established in Mongu. This link provides a platform to equip future WSL students with a Kingdom centered worldview, inspiring them to impact our state, nation, and the world. To provide school funds for Zambian children, please click Zambian student scholarships.


2008 Seattle/King Co. Event on DVD
The 2008 Seattle/King County Prayer Breakfast took place on Friday May 9th at The Westin Hotel, Main Ballroom in Seattle, Washington. Our keynote speaker was Chi-Dooh "Skip" Li. This event can best be summed up in the words of one attendee, "It was amazing how the various parts were woven together to tell a beautiful story of God's Faithfulness, Friendship and Blessing. The tone of the time was not a program, but rather friends sharing, welcoming, praying, encouraging and witnessing to God's faithfulness. Therefore, folks from many different places along their spiritual journey were blessed." We have had numerous requests for a recording of this memorable event. For those who wish to make a donation to receive this event on DVD, please click here.

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