Brothers Building Bridges

Connecting State Leadership
Dr. John Perkins has been a dear friend to many students and leaders in the State of Washington. He was the 2006 keynote speaker at the Governor?s Prayer Breakfast in Olympia and was the featured speaker during this year?s 2008 Washington Student Leadership Forum. His advocacy for reconciliation and example as a bridge builder has inspired civic and marketplace leaders to unite in a vision that links the states of Washington and Mississippi in a common cause:  to create an opportunity where young people can develop a deeper knowledge of Jesus through emersion in leadership training. In a joint effort, teams from our state will work with the Jackson Leadership House to connect college age men with some of the spiritual, economic and governmental leaders of Jackson.


Building Generational Leaders 
Christianity Today has labeled John as the ?shaper of a new generation of urban activists.? All his life, Dr. Perkins has engaged people from the community, and involved his friends from around the country in the process as well. In 2008, Dr. Perkins, invited our first WSL team member, Bryan Grove, to come to Jackson and assist in the efforts to develop indigenous leaders in the West Jackson community through the Jackson Leadership House. The house is located in the neighborhood of the Spencer Perkins Center for Reconciliation and Community Development, blocks from the Jackson State University Campus. In an area where 80%+ grow up without fathers, those who make it through college leave Jackson because of the lack of opportunity.  The Leadership House in Jackson will seek to develop indigenous leaders who would connect their lives with the calling of Jesus and seek to serve their communities through starting businesses, caring for the poor and starting godly families.


Foundational Leadership
Dr. Perkins is the founder of the John M. Perkins Foundation for Reconciliation & Development, located in West Jackson. The foundation's purpose is to encourage and develop leaders and resources to further the vision of holistic Christian community development and racial reconciliation. He often shares that leadership is about applying solutions to the most pressing issues/problems of our time, while engaging the people with the problem in the process of bringing about change. John, grew up as a share cropper in Mississippi and has been able to forgive despite the trauma from losing family members to racially motivated violence during the civil rights era. From his experience of Jesus, he has devoted much of his life to discipling and holistically training leaders out of the clutches of spiritual, moral and physical poverty. Because of his unique story, he has an ability to call believers on all sides of racial divides to be reconciled to God and to one another. John?s work has inspired the leadership of Washington State to unite together in support of his vision for reconciliation. His leadership and willingness to partner with young emerging leaders has led to a joint effort to bring these two great states together for a common purpose. Over the months and years to follow a bridge will begin to span between leaders in both states in support of generational leadership.

Jackson Support

WSL teams need to raise 80 to 90 percent of their support level committed before leaving for the mission field, otherwise their ministry could be severely limited by a lack of finances. The Lord provides support through His people and that support can be committed in the form of pledges before leaving for the mission field.


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