Leadership Links

University Ministries, part of University Presbyterian Church in Seattle, Washington, serves college-age individuals. To visit the UMin website, please click here.

University Christian Fellowship (UCF) is an Associated Students group at the University of Washington - Seattle campus. Their purpose is one of outreach and service in the hopes of sharing Jesus Christ with the students and faculty at UW. To visit the UCF website, please click here.

Check out what Art Kopicky and others are doing through Teleios Ministry small groups in and around Seattle. To visit the Teleios website, please click here.

Neighborhood Outreach in Arizona
See what Rick Malouf and others are doing with Neighborhood Ministries in neighborhood outreach in Arizona. To visit their website, please click here.

University District Community
The Vision 16 houses are intended to give students an experience in community living, and learning principles of leadership and service as taught by Jesus. A great community for students and others is growing in the University District of Seattle. To visit the Vision 16 website, please click here.

The "17th Avenue House," as it is called, is home to 50 college students dedicated to the teachings of Jesus.  To visit the 17th Ave. Alumni website, please click here.

Families and Couples
Bethel Ridge Counseling Retreat offers brief intensive Christian counseling combined with experiential programming in a setting that is peaceful, confidential, and secure. To visit the Bethel Ridge website, please click here.

Stronger Familes? vision is to make the Northwest the world's premier place for healthy marriages, family life and children. Partner in taking a stand for families with Jeff Kemp. To visit their website, please click here.

Leadership Development and Washington Student Leadership strongly support the efforts of these organizations. If you?d like to link to our site or have us add your site to this list, please click here.