Workers in the Field

Making an Impact
God still has Zambia on His mind. And every act of goodwill the country has done, together with all the prayers of the patriarch of the Christian faith in Zambia, starting from the days of the late missionary Dr. David Livingstone todate, will be richly rewarded at an appointed time. The word from half way around the world is one of encouragement and perseverance. Leadership Development?s two workers, Dan Glanville & John Messner, are working as teachers in a small village in Zambia, Africa. Thanks to the elimination of tuition fees, primary-school enrolment rates have increased; the gender gap is less than 1%. However, there is a severe teacher shortage, and many students do not master fundamental skills in language and mathematics.


Building a Way 
While the overall economic outlook in Zambia has been brightening, many Zambians have yet to share in the benefits: 64% of the population lives on less than $1.00 a day. Government austerity measures have tamed inflation and introduced fiscal discipline, but these strategies have also hindered the delivery of social services. In the village besides teaching at the school, Dan and John have found themselves in the middle of a poultry farming and egg production business. In March they helped break ground for a chicken shelter which will hopefully be an income generating project for the teachers of the school. Our goal is to work with the leadership in these rural villages bringing knowledge and resources to lay a foundation for economic and social change.


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Zambia Support

WSL teams need to raise 80 to 90 percent of their support level committed before leaving for the mission field, otherwise their ministry could be severely limited by a lack of finances. The Lord provides support through his people and that support can be committed in the form of pledges before leaving for the mission field.


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You can now donate quickly, easily and securely online with a major credit card. By making an online donation through Leadership Development, your donation is automatically directed toward the work efforts in Zambia. Leadership Development is a 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Organization, and all donations are tax-deductable (Tax ID #91-1511748). To support the work, please click here. For further information on making a direct donation to the Zambia project, please contact Cindy Leonard in the coordinating office at (206) 985-1550, or via email at


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